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Employment highlights: October 2017

In the employment arena this month there is focus on Unfair dismissal, Discrimination, GDPR, Families and Pregnancy and a few other bits to temp you. Unfair dismissal The Court of Appeal has held that an employee was not automatically unfairly dismissed for making protected disclosures to her

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Disciplinaries: no right to increase sanction on appeal unless express provision to do so

An employer has no contractual right to increase a disciplinary sanction on appeal under a contractual disciplinary policy unless the policy expressly permits this.

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Employment Appeal Tribunal – decision on covert recordings

Covert recording of private discussions at disciplinary and grievance hearings admissible The EAT has upheld an employment tribunal decision that covert recordings made by an employee of the public and private discussions of the panel at her grievance and disciplinary hearings could be admitted as evidence at

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Misuse of staff discount card did justify dismissal

Previous written warnings not necessary for gross misconduct proceedings, says Court of Appeal Paul Mander commented on 7 Februray 2014 in People Management that “This decision, and previous ones on the issue, help employers in that they limit the circumstances in which an employee can refer to

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Plan now for a harassment free Christmas party

Without wanting to put a dampener on the Christmas party season which is now in full flow, a few short simple preparations will help to ensure that your Christmas party goes with a swing and doesn’t fall flat.   Deborah Warren has written the article below –

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